Would The Real Mr. Right Please Stand Up! (Diary of A Teenage Mom Book 2)

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  3. Diary of a Teenage Mom
  4. Diary of a Teenage Mom by Elizabeth Ann Trigg

It also contains the sentence I most wish I had written. It's a sentence that keeps coming back to me and could be the opening line to a thousand different stories. Mention children's books based on a diary to most people and this is the first one they'll think of. Since its first publication in it has been translated into 70 languages and sold over 30 million copies. It's a great example of a diary being written to be read. When Anne first began her diary in , it was intended as a personal journal, for her eyes only.

Top 10 diary books

That changed in when she heard that the Dutch government was looking to collect letters and diaries after the war that would show the plight of the Dutch people. At this point, Anne revisited her old diaries, adding more detail and editing existing entries. She wanted to become a famous writer and imagined her diaries as a way of enabling that. This fact makes reading The Diary of a Young Girl a doubly powerful experience.

A Day In The Life Of A Single Teen Mom (Part 2)

Anne was a real teenager with real teenage concerns - the back of the book describes her as "an ordinary yet extraordinary teenage girl. Her chatty, friendly style of writing means that her diary entries possess a dry humour despite being poignant and devastatingly awful.

This is a children's book that is as much for adults as it is for children. It is and year-old Cassandra Mortmain has decided to keep a journal. She has two motivations — to practise her speed writing and to prepare herself for writing a novel. However, the six months that follow are so full of change and drama that Cassandra's journal becomes a place where she records all that is happening and quite a lot that isn't happening too. This story explores sibling relationships, loyalty and ultimately, the issue of unbalanced love.

We meet highly likeable, touching characters who are prepared to love more than they are loved. There is a lot of passion flying around this book and it culminates in one of the most powerful endings I have ever read. I found myself applauding Cassandra's sense of self-worth while feeling incredibly sad that it had to end this way. That is, until the day that Mr Loomis walks into her valley, wearing a protective suit and dragging a wagon of provisions behind him.

This was one of my favourite books as a teenager and the feeling of sinister menace that I remembered was just as strong when I recently re-read it. What if you were the last female on earth? In Ann, we are given a strong heroine who considers practicality at every step but isn't averse to a little daydreaming. Her diary is written over a period of three months and the ending is haunting. You desperately wish that it could somehow be different but it's clear that Ann is taking the only action available to her.

My kids, along with millions of others the world over, absolutely love these books. You only need to read the first few entries to understand why. In Gregg Heffley, we are given a character who lies, cheats and does whatever he deems necessary to get through his day. He suffers at the hands of his big brother, Rodrick and struggles to understand why his parents are so totally devoted to his little brother.

The only person available for Gregg to assert any power over is his friend, Rowley — and even that goes wrong when he pushes Rowley too far over the worm-terrorising incident. I asked my son to explain why he thinks these books are international bestsellers. His answer — Gregg isn't particularly good at anything and that's what makes him so appealing to kids.

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He's an unlikely hero — a hero without heroic qualities. There's a bit of Gregg Heffley in everyone. This is not a book to read on public transport unless you are comfortable with laughing hysterically in a crowded train carriage. Georgia is feeling the pressure of teenage life — Dad's disappeared to the other side of the world in search of work, she's pretty sure Mum is having an affair with the builder and her little sister, Libby, has a penchant for hiding her dirty nappies in Georgia's room.

What I love about this book is the relationship that Georgia has with her friends. It's honest and brutal and very, very realistic. This book is an excellent read for older teenagers. The story of Chris and Helen and their little Nobody is heartbreaking and thought provoking. It isn't strictly a diary - the majority of the story is told from the point of view of Chris as he recalls the events of the last nine months.

His memories are interspersed with letters written by Helen to their unborn baby — both of which create a diary feel throughout the book. Chris is desperate to do the right thing and take responsibility for his actions, but Helen won't let him. The relationship between Helen and her mother is difficult but ultimately, the arrival of Nobody helps to heal generations of hurt.

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This book was written in and is still being enjoyed by pre-teen and early teenagers today. It's another book that, while not strictly written in a diary format, creates the intimate feeling of a diary. Written in the first person by year-old Margaret, we are taken on a journey of awkward moments, humiliating experiences and some serious self-doubt. Read reviews that mention christian girls christians questions teens tips youth boyfriend uncle summer cousin carlson stark normal teen caitlin mentor community newspaper column. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. One person found this helpful. They cannot put them down. Great stories, great morals, and great lessons. A must have series! This story was totally amazing. I'd had this book laying around and thought I'd give it a try. I didn't know when I started reading it that I'd absolutely love the story.

It's not just about recycling. It's more about how God can take the junk in our lives and make something good come from it. I recycled in the s in NY when I lived there, and when I lived in Phoenix in the s, but where I live now there is no such thing. Regardless, I didn't think the theme of the book sounded all that amazing when I first picked it up. But when I started reading I realized it was about so much more than recycling. If I were a teen and a new Christian, I would treasure this book. There are so many good conversations about subjects that new Christians and teens would appreciate, from boys to pressure to what forgiveness looks like and how Christians are flawed, etc.

It's a Green Thing is a theologically sound novel and I ended up being very inspired by it. I read this book first even though it's second in a series, and now I want to go back and read the first book.

Diary of a Teenage Mom

I was thrilled to discover that I actually had it on my shelf. Too bad I didn't notice that before I started this one. I'm still glad I read it. The story even made me cry toward the end. But it was a good, inspiring kind of emotion. I highly recommend this book. Oh, and there are some great recycling tips in there, too.

The Diary of Teenage Girl series is, in my opinion, one of the best series out there for teens, Christian or not. There have been four girls spotlighted throughout the series and each has been different yet enjoyable to read. Some girls I've liked more than others and I will have to say that Maya's series is my favorite.

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I like Maya because she asks the questions that challenge Christians who think they know everything and isn't afraid of what others might think of her. In this book Maya feels that she's starting to become a normal teenager and is able to escape the jumbled life she used to live. I really liked Maya's reactions to the Christian girls from her youth group. I have felt that Amanda and Brooke represent a good deal of real Christians teens who are two faced.

They act like they are the perfect Christians while they are at church but then in real life they condemn everyone but back down when challenged. They also seem to throw themselves at boys a lot. I've experienced this treatment myself and the way Maya reacted was realistic. If she had just immediately forgiven the girls and let them walk over her, I would have been very disappointed in this book and would stop reading. However, she challenges them, gets irritated and tries to seek justice for the wrongs they caused. I really liked the way that everything got worked out involving the incident between Brooke and Maya.

It's not neat and tidy and obviously Brooke needs to work on her attitude but it's an ending that I can accept because it's not sugar coated with fake Christianity. Also the situations with her and her boyfriend were handled tastefully and realistically as well. Throughout the book Maya shares tips on saving the planet. Maya's green tips are great and I've tried several of them myself although the tip about the car and not using the air conditioner or even opening the windows won't really work during summer.

They really make you think about saving the environment but they are not trying to push an agenda. The only thing I would have liked would have been a response from Caitlyn to Maya's questions about being green and being vegan. It would have just been interesting to see what she would have to say or what most Christians think about that subject.

This series is a favorite of mine and I'm looking forward to the rest of Maya's adventures. At the end of Book 1 we saw Maya Stark's life have a transformation as she her mother was placed into prison for drug charges and her dad on tour , Maya moved in with her Uncle Allen and Cousin Kim and started attending High-School , a real school-the first time since she was 12yrs old. We also saw the influence that Kim and her friends Chloe and Caitlin had on Maya and us readers witnessed Maya's committment to becoming a Christian.

In Book 2 It's A Green thing, we read as it's summer time and Maya has put her name down to help paint a mural for the local youth drop-in centre, unfortunately for her the only other person who showed up was Marissa Phillips , who had been sentenced community service hours. Soon the mural with the help of friends becomes a team job, when one of the girls falls off the scaffolding and discovers that Maya's dad is the Famous Nick Stark, her parents decide to sue for damages etc. Soon all the stress starts ti build up on Maya considering that she has enough already to worry about with her mum's appeal coming up and boyfriend issues.

Is Maya ready to become a Christian or will her interaction during summer change her mind about the walk as throughout the book we see Caitlin and Maya have some deep discussions about Christianity.

Diary of a Teenage Mom by Elizabeth Ann Trigg

However with every negative comes a positive as Maya's Uncle runs the newspaper and offers Maya the chance to write her own Green tips column -hence the title of this book "It's a Green thing" and the second is that her father stops by town and agrees to play at a fundraising concert and even attends church with her on Sunday.

Could s's rockstar Nick Stark also becoming closer and reunited with God? See all 11 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on October 13, Published on June 29, Published on June 11, Published on March 15, Published on March 10, Published on March 8, Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.