Mama and the Snake

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  1. Mother Snake Will Do Anything to Protect Her Eggs
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Mother Snake Will Do Anything to Protect Her Eggs

Harfang and Septimus both were exceedingly grateful for that. During the war, Charlus had been hit by a spell that had blown a massive hole in hip and leg. Harfang and Septimus had stalled and delayed as best they could, claiming a need for rest, and time to reconnect with their families while they tried to talk Charlus out of trying to continue as an Auror. Unfortunately, the Potters were well known for having a stubborn streak a mile wide.

Charlus had been determined to continue as an Auror because he felt the three of them would be needed in the corps. With one of their third permanently out of commission due to his duties as Head of a Family, Septimus and Charlus would have been re-routed to desk jobs until and unless they managed to compensate sufficiently for the loss of their fighting partner.

Neither Septimus nor Charlus much fancied spending the next however long stuck behind a desk filling out paperwork. Instead, they turned their attention and energy to bolstering Harfang.

mama is a snake | Tumblr

Having to step forward now and be heard presented him with a difficult challenge. Especially since neither Charlus nor Septimus were in the Wizengamot, and thus unavailable to be leaned on for support. Charlus and Septimus spent a lot of time in the last half of the year coaching Harfang. Helping him memorize what he intended to say about whatever piece of legislation was up for voting, letting him practice the speech on them until he was comfortable with it and such things. They also helped him tailor arguments to various members of the Wizengamot that might object to legislation Harfang was in favor of, and coached him on how to stand, walk, sit so he projected an aura of confidence even when he felt nothing of the kind.

At that point, Septimus was able to pay more attention to the various Wizengamot members with an eye towards what they were up to long-term, rather than dealing with what they were up to today that Harfang would need to deal with. It was slightly disconcerting. He was both amused and disturbed to see Dumbledore doing much the same sort of thing the Marauders were — parlaying his popularity and influence thanks to his actions in the war into political power.

Septimus had to admit it was a brilliant bit of psychological warfare.

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That Dumbledore now had Fawkes as a companion was drawing a lot of people to his side. It was also giving his opinions and such a lot more weight than they otherwise would have had. It might be possible.

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Maybe keep it in his pocket to ensure the creature stayed close. It was also possible there might be other ways to coerce a phoenix. Septimus frequently scolded himself for thinking along those lines. That was a bit much.

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The man was a canny politician, that much was for certain, and a bit shady, but that was a bit of a stretch. Abraxas might be a stubborn fool at least when it had come to Cedrella , but his father had more wits about him, and enough political savvy to be worrisome.

He was also power-hungry, wanting to bring the Malfoy name into the same circle as the Blacks, Potters, and Longbottoms among a few others. In that, at least, he was mostly foredoomed to failure. It would be at least another hundred years — probably a lot more than that — before the Malfoys were accepted as a member of the Wizarding elite.

Many of the extremist and Dark-leaning neutral families were either beginning to follow his banner or listen to what he had to say. Worse, neither could Cedrella. Maintenant festival, organized by Electroni[k] association, presented from 7th to 16th October a snapshot of artistic contemporary creativity in visual arts, musics….

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The most we can make of it is either that EVA didn't know, or she was putting up an act for the Patriots and Snake.

Snake Bar. - Picture of Mama Africa, Cape Town Central

Everyone was playing their roles, and all the members of the Patriots knew they had to die, since the AI had ordered their deaths. Maybe they just thought making their deaths more dramatic would make Snake a little more attached to the mission. I dont she knew that they had fully remade his body so she did think that the pyx was Big Boss. She jumped into the fire to protect the body and i can't see her doing that, knowing it was Solidius. Does that answer your question? I believe Eva know about this new Foxdie that is set to kill her anyways, so to make it convincing to the Patriots, she simply did that to make the whole act more real.

She knew that she was part of the reason the world was in the state it was in and would die to make it rite User Info: I think Squall is right on this one. It's true that Eva probably knew all along that it wasn't really Big Boss. I think she knew that she was going to die because of the Patriot AI, and so she would rather die fooling the system and Snake and play her part.